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On may 2016, AHG has been qualified by ASD-CERT on following european standards. All of them are titanium screws :
This qualification reflects our commitment with quality and commitment to provide valued fasteners for aeronautics.
During last Airbus Material & Parts SQIP Day 2017 held 24 January 2017 in Toulouse with all the suppliers involved in Airbus SQIP program (Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Program), AHG received the highest award "Accredited Supplier".
This award succeeds to 'Best improver' award in 2015 and "Best Performer" award in 2016, demonstrating the rise and the operational excellence of AHG teams.
AHG obtained the “Accredited Supplier” Award from Airbus based on industrial performance (On-Time Delivery
= 99%, Quality metrics = 0 ppm and IPCA (Industrial Process Control Assessment) rank A), industrial maturity and continuous improvement of AHG’s key processes.
Toulouse, France - January 2017
Toulouse, France - 2015
Bourget, France - june 2016
Casablanca, Morocco - April 2016
Paris, France  - May 2016